Monday, July 26, 2010

Halloween 2010 Preview

To all my faithful followers and friends...the announcement you have all been waiting for, drum roll please,

The 2010 Gourds & Gatherings
Halloween Preview

Will be launched on August 1st.
Grab a cup of joe, or a spot of tea and sit back and take a journey through the latest and greatest gourd delights my mind could muster. The fingers are nimble and the mind is in a whirl, I am busy, busy, busy cranking out pieces for the fall season.

Pieces will be available for sale by contacting me by e-mail at
For credit card orders, I accept paypal; personal check or cashier's check. I will send you an invoice to include shipping once I have your zip code.
Pieces will ship as soon as payment is received and cleared.

I hope you stop back often for new designs will be posted frequently.

Thanks - Carolyn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking in the mirror

It has been well over a month now that my life has been absolutely crazy! I look at the calendar and realize that half, HALF of the year is gone. I once again find myself realizing that no matter how much you plan for things to be just so, life tends to throw in the twists, turns, bumps and burns. The best laid plans go up in smoke, jobs fall through, dreams diminish, friendships fizzle, and worst of all…extra weight creeps into the most unassuming places. Stress keeps me up at night and makes me crash during the day…If I were to pick a theme song it would have to be “I’m in a hurry to get things done, I rush and rush ‘til life’s no fun…”

Then worst of all when you least expect it you look in the mirror and starring you back in the face is a person you no longer recognize! What the %@#!? But then again, (Bleep) Happens! You either roll with it or stress about it. I have always had the uncanny knack to do both. I prefer to roll with the punches, but the rolls are getting bigger and bigger if you know what I mean. (wink)

After spending a descent week off over the July 4th holiday and ending it with an enjoyable week-end in Michigan at a relative’s wedding, I look at the pictures and can’t believe my eyes. Have my eyes and mind been deceiving me as of late? I look in the mirror and fuss with make-up, clothes and of course hair (with lots and lots of products) to discover the woman starring back in the photographs certainly can’t be me. I looked NOTHING like that before I left the house! And yet again I have a nagging suspicion that it IS me….the REAL me. Oh what a cruel, cruel joke. Man, nothing like a few unflattering images of yourself to motivate you want to go on a diet, and get your hair done, a face lift, tummy tuck or a boob job! Uh oh… if I write it on the net, does that mean I’ve committed to doing it? (Backpedaling already… how typical of me)! Yet I have decided I desperately want (and need) to loose 30lbs. by October. Three months certainly seems reasonable, right?

I had better check the dreaded scale to verify my findings, but alas and much to my surprise it shows I am 10 pounds lighter than my last doctors visit. Can this be true?

Mustering my most motherly voice, “Photos don’t lie, the weight must come off or heads will roll!” I feel a personal pep talk coming my way. And in the process I might as well get my head checked too, because I am not only talking to myself but also answering.