Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Butterflies and Broomsticks...

I have been spinning my wheels and dusting the cobwebs trying to come up with a theme for this year's product line. Lords knows I can go crazy designing a hundred different ways. This year I am attempting a couple of spring shows and even though there are die hard halloweeners out there, I just don't figure there will be a big market for witches in May. Plus all the witches I know head to the beach. lol! I guess you could call them "Sandwitches!"

So-o-o, it's all about making money and having fun, right?

To give you a hint of things to come I have settled on "Butterflies and Broomsticks" for my shows through August. I found these fabulous painted feather monrach butterflies. They reminded me of some fabulous Halloween Hags I had seen by Prim Dolly. Check out her blog at http://primdolly.blogspot.com/  I can't guarantee anything quite as spectacular as her art, but I always give my best.

An added bonus... they're orange of course! They will flutter their way into the fall line as well. Check back often to see pixs as things progress.

And you never know...a Sandwitch or too may make an appearance.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Easter O'ween Swap goes out to Carapace

Dut, dut, Tada....

Happy Easter O'ween!My little funny bunny is all ready for the big day regardless of the season. A black and white dutch bunny has been created and hand-sculpted from air dry porcelain. He is hand painted and sealed. His whiskers are natural horse hair from an old paint brush. He sports a lime green, glilttered top hat and matching mask. A lime green boa is around his neck as he holds a large gllittered Easter egg. At his feet you will find hand sculpted carrots, small glilttered eggs and a dried gourd JOL full of his Easter Hunt treasures. The entire scene is affixed to a hand-painted 6" wooden base - green base..of course. The piece is approx 8" tall x 6" wide.
I am currently accepting orders for Easter Rabbit sculptures thru March 31. Your choice of colored bunny and top hat, (without mask) and the JOL will be replaced with a gourd bastet. $48.00 includes shipping and handling (within the US). Contact me at lynlockwood@aol.com to place an order.