Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing all ...good health and prosperity in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Wishing you the merriest of all the season has to offer.
My deepest thanks for the new friendships and opportunities that have graced my life in 2010 and looking forward to a fabulous 2011!

It's time to trim the tree...The Buckeye Tree! ORder Time!

Back by popular demand
Just created...a limited number of "The Buckeye Guy" ornaments.
Hand painted dried mini pear gourds accented with air dry
clay to create this must ornie for any Buckeye Lovers Christmas tree.

Each is signed, dated and come with red line hanger.

9.98 + $2.95 SH and Ohio Sales tax.

To order please contact me at

Better hurry...these little guys are moving fast!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coming to!

To all my faithful followers...I am excited to announce that I will be joining a new online artist store beginning Dec. 1. I will have some fun and whimsical offerings just in time for your holiday pleasure.
Please be sure to checking it out at

If you mention my blog when purchasing one of my items you will receive a 10% off savings.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are we there yet?

The fall arts and crafts season is just a mere memory! Can you believe it? I have more than a dozen projects begun in the basement, and consignment items waiting to be embellished and I haven’t even scrubbed my stock of gourds yet. 2011 is peeking around the corner and a whirl of designs are scribbled on my trustly notepad, and not to mention what it floating in my head. So much to do and definitely not enough time. The holidays are quickly approaching and there iare always oodles to do to get ready there. Since I have been neglecting my home for months, a planned week off before Thanksgiving is required to get everything in order.
I have just completed the an Art doll challenge for Christmas and Santa will be arriving for purchase December 1. At which time his majesty will be added to my gourd repetrior. I have had such fun with this one for Santa resides in a jack-in-a-box along with sculpted gourd head and hands. He is finished in his holiday finery of a red velveteen robe, lambs wool beard and of course, repurposed eyewear. He is a big piece topping off at 20" tall x 8" x 8". I promise to post pictures soon, now to find where I put the camera!

I'm Busy, Busy, Busy - but isn't what what life is all about? Hoping and praying to take some time off in February to visit my gal pals for an extended weekend. Can't wait!

As always thanks for listening to the ramblings of a middle-aged crazy woman and supporting my craft in the process.

Are you a Buckeye Nut?

Now taking orders for the Holidays.
Custom hand-painted
Super-Sized BUCKEYES
As previewed at the Thornville Backwoods Fest,  the Ohio Gourd Show and
the Apple Butter Stirrin' Festival.

Available in 3 designs:

A. O-H-I-O available for $65 + S&H and Ohio Sales Tax

B. Buckeye Barn Scene with personalized tree sign.
  (Custom orders glady accepted. Will paint from a furnished photo.)
   Available for $85.00 + S&H & Ohio Sales Tax.

C. Buckeye Head A sculpted mascot favorite available for $45 +S&H; Ohio Sales Tax - (picture to be posted soon!)

Please note size and shape will vary and depends upon availability of a natural gourd.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Please contact me via e-mail to place your order at
Put "Buckeye" in the subject line.

I accept Paypal payments (preferred), personal check (with 10 day holding period) or money orders.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Cats

Hand-painted Black Cat Apple gourds.
Available with orange or blue backgrounds on wooden pestal base or without.
I have 2 orange pieces available for immediate shipment.
$45.00 each + Ohio sales Tax & S&H.
Contact me my email if interested at

Thanksgiving Blessing Gourd

Now Available....
Thanksgiving Gourd
This large hand-painted gourd will make a great centerpiece for your holiday table.
There are 3 available....$45.00 + Ohio sales tax and S&H
(please note each gourd size and shape varies per natural growth process)
Order now to receive in time for Thanksgiving.

Contact me if interested in ordering at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Buckeye Pride

It is fall in Ohio and that means
Scarlet and Grey!
I now have a limited selection of Ohio Pride "Buckeyes".
Hand painted gourds and ornaments in various sizes and designs.
Prices range from $15.00 to $125.00
Custom orders gratefully accepted.
To place an order please contact me via e-mail at
(new designs will be added as they become available)

Personalized Buckeye Farm Scene
e-mail me to place an order

Buckeye Favorites handpainted on Large Gourd
e-mail me for details and ordering

View #1 "Bleeding Scarlet and Grey" hand painted XL Gourd

View #2 "Bleeding Scarlet and Grey" O-H-I-O of the hand painted Gourd

View #3 - "Bleeding Scarlet and Grey" Gourd,  Fan silhouette
Available in characters - cheerleader, Tressel vest, cowboy, football player, mascot
drum major or tuba bandmember

Close up of artist rendition of hand sculpted mascot
Available in a pedestal or flat format.

Back side of the pedestal Diorama

2010 Halloween Designs - Fast and Furious

I'm late, I'm a manic rush to produce pieces for shows, fulfill orders working full time and now a sinus infection...I totally forgot to post some new designs.

All pieces featured below are currently available: If interested please contact me via e-mail at

Thanksgiving design available in several sizes

Gourd Containers are great for
candies, and plants.

Black and White designs in a
variety of patterns

Harry O'Scarey

Large assortment of Ohio Buckeye
 themed designs - you have to see them to
to choose your favorite!

Dioramas are back again...
All hand sculpted interior pieces and total hand crafted inside and out!

My favorite Ghostie!
limited quantities available

Dancing Skeletons available
on pedestals, dioramas or lighted

Mini Dioramas - various hand schulpted insets

Cat Lovers...I have designs for you!

Witchie-Poo with vintage monicle

Mini Diorama - Owl

X-Large Diorama - Ghost Stories
totally hand crafted and lighted - SOLD

Ghost Stories sculpted inset
Exterior shot of the Captain Morgan
Skeleton Diorama - SOLD

Arrgh! A skeleton collection isn't complete without
the remains of Captian Morgan. Hand sculpted skeleton rests on a
hand painted wooden treasure chest.

Apple Butter Stirrin Festival ~ October 15-17

Roscoe Village ~ Coshocton, OH
Celebrates it's 41st Apple Butter Stirrin' Festival

Go to for all the details, directions and information.

You can fine me there in front of the Wine and Coffee Shop on White Woman Street at the cross roads. I will be exhibiting my new 2010 Halloween Collection in addition to some seasonal  and Ohio themed favorites.

Hope to See You There!

Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Ohio Gourd Show

Come One, Come all from near and far
to visit the Ohio Gourd Show.
Located in Greenville, OH (Drake County Fairgrounds)

Show Hours:

Saturday, September 25: 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday, September 26: 9 AM to 4 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ghost Stories

New for 2010: Ghost Stories Diorama

Featuring another one of my favorite designs which is entirely handmade without the use of molds or patterns.

This little skeleton knows how to enjoy a good book. He has found the perfect spot to dive into this best selling chiller. He is sculpted out of air dry clay and hand painted. He holds a hand sculpted book and sits upon a bed of dried, green, natural moss.
He is housed in a medium size, dried bushel gourd which has been hand painted inside and out in acrylics, glittered and sealed with acrylic spray. The interior is painted black and heavily glittered that sparkles when the light hits it just so. The exterior is hand painted with a scene of a haunted house and pumpkins. This piece has been signed and dated. This is not a toy; please handle appropriately.

Approx. 20" tall x 12" wide.
Special priced at $56.00 + shipping and handling!

Contact me at if interested

Full Front View
Exterior View

Candy Containers

New for 2010...Pedestal Candy Containers.

Each design is uniquely different and a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork. Shown is just one example of the Gourdie Candy Container.

It has been crafted from a medium bushel gourd that has been cleaned inside and out. He has hand painted featured and a sculpted nose out of air dry clay. He sits upon a painted wooden candlestick pedestal and is accented with tissue garland and hand sculpted clay candies.

It is hand painted in acrylics, glittered and sealed with acrylic spray. The interior is painted black. It is not recommended for unwrapped candies. t Gourdie has been signed and dated. This is not a toy; please handle appropriately.

Approx. 18" tall x 12" wide.

Special priced at $45.00 + shipping and handling!
(Ohio residents please add 7% sales tax)

Contact me at if interested

Shiver Me Timbers!

New for 2010: X-Large Pirate Diorama
Featuring another one of my favorite designs which is entirely handmade without the use of molds or patterns. Each design is uniquely different and a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork. The Captian Shelly and his trusted sidekick, One Eyed Willie, are sculpted out of air dry clay. He sits upon a paper mache treasure trunk loaded with golden coins, pearls and diamonds. His foot rests upon a sculpted skull as he sits among his loot. He is accompanied by his very own parrot also hand sculpted and painted.

It is housed in a large dried bushel gourd which has been hand painted in acrylics, glittered and sealed with acrylic spray. The interior is painted black and heavily glittered that sparkles when lighted. It comes with a 7 watt clip light, and has been signed and dated. This is not a toy; please handle appropriately.

Approx. 24" tall x 18" wide.

Special priced at $65.00 + shipping and handling!

Contact me at if interested

A Haunting We Will Go...

As promised....the Halloween 2010 Preview begins.

Featured is Harry O'Scary a hand painted and crafted tobacco gourd on a wooden candlestick pedestal. Harry is hand painted, and accented with a black paper mache top hat, orange and black tissue garland, hand crafted paper caly skeleton and round doll spectacles. He is approx. 18" tall.

He can be yours by contacting me at

Price: $48.00 + shipping(Ohio residents please include 7% sales tax)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Halloween 2010 Preview

To all my faithful followers and friends...the announcement you have all been waiting for, drum roll please,

The 2010 Gourds & Gatherings
Halloween Preview

Will be launched on August 1st.
Grab a cup of joe, or a spot of tea and sit back and take a journey through the latest and greatest gourd delights my mind could muster. The fingers are nimble and the mind is in a whirl, I am busy, busy, busy cranking out pieces for the fall season.

Pieces will be available for sale by contacting me by e-mail at
For credit card orders, I accept paypal; personal check or cashier's check. I will send you an invoice to include shipping once I have your zip code.
Pieces will ship as soon as payment is received and cleared.

I hope you stop back often for new designs will be posted frequently.

Thanks - Carolyn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking in the mirror

It has been well over a month now that my life has been absolutely crazy! I look at the calendar and realize that half, HALF of the year is gone. I once again find myself realizing that no matter how much you plan for things to be just so, life tends to throw in the twists, turns, bumps and burns. The best laid plans go up in smoke, jobs fall through, dreams diminish, friendships fizzle, and worst of all…extra weight creeps into the most unassuming places. Stress keeps me up at night and makes me crash during the day…If I were to pick a theme song it would have to be “I’m in a hurry to get things done, I rush and rush ‘til life’s no fun…”

Then worst of all when you least expect it you look in the mirror and starring you back in the face is a person you no longer recognize! What the %@#!? But then again, (Bleep) Happens! You either roll with it or stress about it. I have always had the uncanny knack to do both. I prefer to roll with the punches, but the rolls are getting bigger and bigger if you know what I mean. (wink)

After spending a descent week off over the July 4th holiday and ending it with an enjoyable week-end in Michigan at a relative’s wedding, I look at the pictures and can’t believe my eyes. Have my eyes and mind been deceiving me as of late? I look in the mirror and fuss with make-up, clothes and of course hair (with lots and lots of products) to discover the woman starring back in the photographs certainly can’t be me. I looked NOTHING like that before I left the house! And yet again I have a nagging suspicion that it IS me….the REAL me. Oh what a cruel, cruel joke. Man, nothing like a few unflattering images of yourself to motivate you want to go on a diet, and get your hair done, a face lift, tummy tuck or a boob job! Uh oh… if I write it on the net, does that mean I’ve committed to doing it? (Backpedaling already… how typical of me)! Yet I have decided I desperately want (and need) to loose 30lbs. by October. Three months certainly seems reasonable, right?

I had better check the dreaded scale to verify my findings, but alas and much to my surprise it shows I am 10 pounds lighter than my last doctors visit. Can this be true?

Mustering my most motherly voice, “Photos don’t lie, the weight must come off or heads will roll!” I feel a personal pep talk coming my way. And in the process I might as well get my head checked too, because I am not only talking to myself but also answering.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

ADO blog challenge

Introducing...The Queen of Hearts and her pig!
She is hand sculpted without use of patterns or molds, hand painted and comes complete in her very own chair. Crafted from airdry clay. approx. 6" tall. She can be yours for $40.00 (Which includes tax and traveling expenses).
If interested please e-mail at

You can take a journey through the rabbit hole from one blog to the next. Check out the ADO blog to see more beautiful work.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Summer's here!  To me this is the official start of summer. The months ahead are full of sunshine, heat and lots and lots of busy, busy days. This is my production time for upcoming fall shows. Visit the gourd farm to collect my hand-picked gourds which will be cleaned, carved, painted,k sculpted and transformed into everything Halloween. So if you have a hankerin' for something whimsical and full of delight you have come to the right place. Check back often for I will be posting new creations as they evolve.

Here's to wishing everyone the best of summer and all the family, friends and fun that come with it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching Butterflies

H A P P Y!

An artist original by Carolyn Lockwood.

An original design, “HAPPY” has been created from craft porcelain over a dried gourd and hand sculpted Styrofoam armature. He has been sanded, primed, hand painted, glittered and antiqued.
His delightful expression proclaims his happiness as he releases a tiny butterfly.

Finishing touches include a dusting of ultra-fine glass glitter; delicate feathered and glittered wings, chenille trimmings and a ladybug friend. He comes standing upon a bed of dried green natural moss over a wooden base. This piece is signed and dated on the bottom.
It is approx.4” wide x 8” tall

$48.00 + S&H, Ohio residents please add 6.75% sales tax

The Butterfly King

The Butterfly King

An artist original by Carolyn Lockwood.

An original design, the Butterfly King has been created from craft porcelain over dried gourds. He has been sanded, primed, hand painted and antiqued.

Finishing touches include a dusting of ultra-fine glass glitter, delicate feathered butterfly wings, a crafted glittered crown and a chrysalis staff. He sits upon a bed of dried green natural moss in a hand painted bushel gourd. The interior is black with glittered background and comes with a 7 watt clip light. The entire piece rests upon a 12” painted wooden candlestick pedestal. This piece is signed and dated on the bottom.

It is approx. 12” wide x 24” tall. $135.00 + SH  SOLD!
Ohio residents please add 6.75% sales tax