Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Have a safe and Spook-Tac-ular Halloween!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mummy Diorama Lighted Gourd

Diorama Mummy Gourd. Featuring another one of my favorite designs which is entirely handmade without the use of molds or patterns. Each design is uniquely different and a one-of-a-kind original piece of artwork.

The mummy is sculpted out of air dry clay over assorted dried gourds and has been wrapped in stained cheesecloth. She sits upon a dried gourd painted like a jack o'lantern. She is accompanied by a gravestone and hand sculpted bats.
It is housed in a large dried bushel gourd which has been hand painted in acrylics and sealed with acrylic spray. The interior is painted black and heavily glittered that sparkles when lighted.
It comes with a 7 watt clip light, and has been signed and dated. This is not a toy; please handle appropriately. Approx. 12" tall x 18" wide.
Special price until Oct. 31.
only SOLD! + shipping and handling

Contact me at if interested.
Happy Hallowee!

The Count Diorama Lighted Gourd

Special Feature lighted piece Halloween Blog Hop
. The is a large artist original approx. 24" tall. Carved and handpainted bushel gourd that is mounted upon a wooden candlestick pedestal. Detailed painting on the outisde depicts The Count, silhouettes of bats and a vampire's favorite halloween items. The interior contains handsculpted and dressed vampire, (approx 3.5" tall), his very own handmade coffin, grave stones and reindeer moss. The opening had been adorned with rust colored garland. The entire piece is decorated with black and orange tissue festooning and a handmade tag.
It comes with a 7 watt clip light to back light the scene.
Special priced until Oct. 31
only SOLD!
Includes shipping within the continental US.
Contact me by e-mail if interested.
I accept Paypal or personal check.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrate the Seaon

There are several opportunities to view and purchase my artwork
in the next 2 months.
Currently scheduled are the follow:

October 17-18 - Apple Butter Festival: Roscoe Village - Coshocton, OH
November 14 - Holiday Shopping Expo: Cherry Valley Lodge, Newark, OH
November 21 - Holiday Open House: 144, N. 40th Street, Newark
December 3 - Friends and Family Winter Art Fair: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Columbus OH
December 5 - Bulldogs Holiday Craft Show, Heath, OH

Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Jester

This holiday character is handsculpted air-dry clay over dried egg gourds. He is hand painted and accented with fabric skirting. His hat is composed of clay, fabric and rusted bells. He holds a pumpkin noice maker while resting upon a JOL, which has been created from a dried gourd as well. He happily rests in a large dried bushel gourd that has been cleaned, carved, hand painted inside and out and rests upon on wooden candlestick base. It comes with a 7 watt clip light that illuminates the interior and enhances the glittered field. This is a large piece approx 36" tall. It is accented with black and ornage tissue festooning and orange glittered garland.
This is a one-of-a-kind art piece. SOLD - Thanks!

Don Gatto Cat Gourd

What would halloween be without your favorite black cat? This is mine...Don Gatto. He has been created from 2 XL dried gourds. His face has been created from a handmade and painted papermache and plaster theatre mask. He has a fabric bow and a handmade paper tag. His tail is made from a black feather boa.
Needless to say he wasn't on display long before he found a new home and I almost let him get away without a photo. He was just so fun, I wanted to share!